Renting a house

Looking for a rental home?

Pactum Vastgoed has been specialized in renting out housing in Delft and surroundings for years. If you are looking for a nice house, you have come to the right place. We offer an excellent service and regularly have a diverse range of housing for students, PhD candidates, working people, and expats. Our team is at your service.

I want to view a rental; how do I make an appointment?

Have you seen a nice house in our portfolio? You can sign up for a viewing without obligation via the contact form on the advertising page of the accommodation in question. Clearly indicate your availability within our office hours, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

I have viewed the house and would like to rent it

You are excited after the viewing and you would like to rent the house; what is the next step? During the viewing appointment, you will receive a letter of intent to rent the property. On this form you will find the rental conditions such as the start date of the agreement, the rental period, the rental price, and any other agreements that may have been made. Make sure you fill in this form completely, sign it and return it to us by e-mail as soon as possible. In addition to the letter of intent, a copy of your passport, a copy of your payslip, a copy of your employment contract and/or a guarantee agreement must be submitted.

When will I know if I can rent the house?

Pactum Vastgoed does not use waiting lists, so everyone has the same chance of renting housing. As soon as we have received the delivered documents, we will present them to the landlord. If approved, we will draw up a draft tenancy agreement and send it to you by e-mail for approval. We will then make an appointment at our office to sign the tenancy agreement. Handover will take place on the start date of the tenancy agreement at the address of the rented property, where we will carry out a home inspection and you will receive the key.


View the current offers

If you rent through Pactum Vastgoed you are assured of:

  • Fast response
  • Professional guidance
  • Daily updates on our offers throug e-mail
  • Diverse range of rental properties
  • No waiting lists
  • Unlimited and non-binding viewing
  • Legally correct rental contracts

Want to stay updated on our offers?

Are you looking for a rental apartment, studio or room and there are currently no offers on our website? Then it is possible to register through the form below to stay updated on our new added offers. When we add a new offer your will receive an automatic notification by e-mail. Follow the steps below.