Rent collection

Why let Pactum Vastgoed take care of the rent collection?

Renting out housing is a good way of investing your money and ensures a monthly recurring cash flow. However, one condition is that your tenants pay the rent on time, which unfortunately is not always the case. Therefore, it is highly advisable to hand over the rent collection to a partner you can trust, and who is fully committed to protecting your interests. Pactum Vastgoed has many years of experience in the field of rent collection and rental law. We ensure that our clients receive the rent on time every month, without any significant problems. In the unlikely event that rent arrears occur, we can immediately transfer the file to a debt collection agency of your choosing.


Security for the landlord

We receive the monthly rent payments intended for our clients, which are then transferred to our clients by our trust account (stichting derdengelden): st. Derdengelden Pactum Vastgoed. This means that the bank account number is completely separated from Pactum Vastgoed’ office account, so your money is safe!

Financial management contains the following services

  • Providing the tenant with the monthly rent invoice
  • Payment reminders when late on rent payment
  • After 2 reminders we can hand over the case to a debt collection agency
  • Creating and maintaining a file for any legal action
  • Making payments on behalf of the landlord (after approval)
  • Carrying out the yearly rent increase

How do we proceed?

Our collection department has a structured collection process in which we find it important to maintain good contact with your tenants. In this way we ensure that no major rent arrears occur, and that immediate action can be taken if necessary. By sending monthly rent invoices and using direct debit we ensure that the rent is paid on time. However, it can still happen that a tenant is too late with his or her payment, for example due to a chargeback or insufficient funds. In the roadmap below you can read how we, as collector, deal with this.

An overview of our collection services

For a complete overview of our services and rates click on the button below. If you would like to outsource the rent collection and/or management to us, please choose from the two standard packages or choose the custom option if desired. Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Our team is ready to assist you.

Rates for financial management