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How should I hand over the property after conclusion of the tenancy agreement?

Handover procedure

At the conclusion of the tenancy agreement a Homelets employee will visit you to carry out the final inspection of the rented housing. The rented property must be handed over completely empty and clean. Furthermore, you are required to restore the property back to its original state.


For the final inspection, make sure that the rented property has been cleaned properly and that the property is completely free of personal belongings such as furniture and other objects.

The property is furnished

In case you have rented the house including furniture, you have to make sure that all furniture is back in its original place and that it is well cleaned so that the new occupant can use it immediately.



Clean and cleared:

  • Get rid of any dirt, grease and limescale in the kitchen and bathrooms (incl. tiles and taps).
  • Any built-in appliances must be clean and grease-free and function properly (grids of extractor hood must be grease-free);
    Clean the drains, sink, toilet, etc.;
  • Taps and other sanitary facilities, such as the shower fittings, are present and functioning;
  • Remove stickers and glue residue on doors, cabinets, etc.;
  • Completely remove dust from the living area, including window frames, radiators, skirting boards, window coverings;
  • Leave waste containers empty and clean (incl. waste disposal card if applicable);
  • Mechanical ventilation grids are clean and functioning;
  • Clean the crawl space, basement, balcony or shed;
  • All floors, including garage and storage, are vacuumed and/or mopped (depending on the type of floor);
  • Leave instructions for use, filling hose, filling key and venting key with boiler (if present);

Maintenance at your expense:

  • Repairing consequential damage to floors (holes, cement and glue residues, broken skirting boards);
  • Skirting boards and sills are undamaged and without any paint residues and, if painted, should be handed over in a light color;
  • Walls and ceilings must be handed over flat;
  • Any decorations and stickers must be removed, and any consequential damage must be repaired;
  • Remove nails, screws, etc. from walls, floors, and ceilings;
  • Remove plugs and seal holes neatly. (If the repairs cause unsightly stains, they should be painted over);
  • In case you painted any walls of the housing, these should be restored to their original color;
  • All light switches and sockets must be present and functioning. They must be undamaged, unpainted, and clean;
  • Self-installed loose cords and cables must be removed;
  • Place terminal blocks on exposed power lines;
  • All doors must be present and close properly. The doors are free from scratches and other damage;
  • All handles and locks are functioning properly;
  • All keys of interior doors/windows must be in the keyholes;
  • All keys of exterior doors (including duplicates) must be handed in at the final inspection;
  • All windows are mechanically in order and close properly;
  • The window frames are undamaged, windows do not have any scratches, cracks, stickers, or glue residue;
  • Window sills are present and undamaged;
  • Holes in window frames must be repaired;
  • Holes in wall and floor tiles and joints must be repaired and/or tiling must be replaced;
  • The bathrooms are complete and undamaged (pay attention to cracked toilet bowl, missing or broken toilet seat, damaged shower tray/bath, leaking or non-functioning taps);
  • The kitchen is undamaged (pay attention to kitchen worktop, hinges of kitchen cabinets, damage to doors and content of cabinets);
  • If there is a garden or balcony present it should be neatly maintained and handed over free of personal belongings, dirt, and weeds;