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There is a water leak in my house; what should I do?

Small leaks

Is there a small leak? Make sure you collect the leaking water in a container or bucket and report the leak in your tenant portal. We will call in a plumber as soon as possible or pass it on to your landlord.

Large leaks (urgent)

In case of a large leak on business days, call our office or the landlord immediately to report the problem. Also, report it in your tenant portal. Outside office hours you can send a Whatsapp message to the emergency number 0642036903.

Burst water pipe

It is possible that a water pipe has burst. In that case there is a constant leak of water, which can cause a lot of damage. It is important that you turn off the main water valve close to the water meter as soon as possible. The water meter is usually under a hatch (under the doormat) or in the meter box at the entrance of the building. See the picture below for the water meter and the main valve of the water supply. Turn off this blue main valve to stop the water supply of the building.