What are municipal taxes and who must pay them?

Municipal taxes Delft

The municipality of Delft sends an annual bill for the municipal taxes, for the user of a rental property these are the following taxes:

  • Waste disposal levy user
  • Sewage levy user


Water authority tax

In addition to the municipal taxes, you will receive an annual bill from the Delfland Water Authority (Hoogheemraadschap Delfland) for the water board tax, which are the following taxes:

  • Water system levy
  • Water treatment levy


Does my total rental price include municipal taxes?

In your tenancy agreement you can find in the rental price structure whether the municipal tax is included in the rent. If the municipal tax is included in the rent, you need to send the received bill to Homelets so that the landlord can quickly pay it to the municipality of Delft.


The municipal taxes are NOT included in my rent, what should I do?

If the municipal and water authority taxes are not included in your rent, you must pay the bills to the municipality. Make sure you pay them on time to avoid extra costs.